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Need an efficient defense against criminal drug charges?

In Florida and throughout the United States, it is no secret that the penalties for any drug-related criminal offense are severe at best. Drug crime charges alone can have a disastrous impact on one's life, making it more difficult for an accused individual to maintain healthy relationships with employers, friends and even the closest family members. The legal ramifications of a drug crime conviction can easily translate to jail or prison sentences, significant financial penalties and other sanctions that can pose problems for convicted individuals for many years to come.

Criminal Defense Criminal defense refers to an important area of law that addresses offenses relating to sex crimes, white collar crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes, intellectual property crimes and others. An appropriate criminal defense should seek to call into question the evidence and accusations posed by the prosecution, and should also work to identify and expose any crucial errors committed by law enforcement or during criminal proceedings, as these issues can have a major impact on the outcome of a criminal trial. Read more about criminal defense...

Possession Drug possession laws dictate various penalties depending on the type of drug, the quantity of drug, the intent behind the possession and more. Knowing the law with respect to possession can be extremely beneficial to those who may be at risk of arrest for such a criminal violation, as well as for those who come into the possession of a drug without their knowledge. Read more about possession...

Possession with Intent to Distribute Drug distribution is a criminal offense that is taken very seriously, and can drastically change the potential outcome of a less serious possession offense. Intent to distribution implies that the individual is not breaking the law for personal use, but instead seeks to make illegal or controlled substances available to others. This is a significant upgrade to standard possession charges and can even result in federal charges. Read more about possession with intent to distribute...

Cultivation Cultivation is a drug offense that relates to the production of many natural drugs or controlled substances. This does not include drugs like LSD or methamphetamine, which require manufacture. Marijuana is the most common illegal drug where cultivation can be charged, where plants are being grown. This charge is also possible with some forms of cocaine or even heroin, although the cultivation of these may be less common than with marijuana. Read more about cultivation...

Transportation Transporting illegal drugs from one location to another is expressly forbidden by Florida State law, and the penalties for conviction are very serious. Convicted offenders may spend years in prison or face substantial fines depending on the type of drug involved as well as the quantities and other factors. Read more about transportation...

Federal Drug Trafficking Federal law enforcement authorities may become involved in the investigation of a drug trafficking violation when the quantities and value of a particular operation are large enough to warrant it, or if the illegal act is perpetrated across state lines. Federal investigations take advantage of deep resources to gather as much good evidence as possible before making an arrest and handing the task of conviction over to federal prosecutors. Read more about federal drug trafficking...

State Trafficking State drug trafficking laws may apply to less significant amounts of trafficking with lower overall values, as well as trafficking that takes place within the state and does not grow to operate in other states. Although state trafficking differs from federal trafficking, the penalties for trafficking of any kind are still severe and can leave convicted offenders paying for their crimes for many years to come. Read more about state trafficking...

Manufacturing Where cultivation refers to the act of growing natural plants or other substances to create an illicit substance, manufacturing relates more to synthetic drugs like ecstasy, LSD, crack cocaine, methamphetamine and others. The key factor that defines a manufacturing charge is the unnatural inclusion of chemicals or processes that make a drug ready for use. Read more about manufacturing...

Prescription Fraud Prescription fraud is a growing drug crime that occurs when an individual acts to obtain prescription medication and drugs by providing incorrect information to a doctor about a condition, stealing prescription forms and using those to obtain medication and more. Prescription drug abuse is a major problem in Florida and despite the many drug laws available to law enforcement; it is a problem that persists. Read more about prescription fraud...

Distribution in a School Zone Drug distribution is a serious offense on its face, but there are certain types of distribution that require additional charges and penalties at conviction. Distribution in a school zone is one such specific type of offense within drug distribution which may warrant extended prison terms and higher financial penalties in the event of conviction. Read more about distribution in a school zone...

Smuggling Drug smuggling is a dangerous drug offense that occurs when an individual attempts to transport illegal drugs and other controlled substances into the state through a variety of means. Drug smugglers will go to great lengths in their attempts to smuggle drugs into the county, and in many cases, the individuals themselves may not even be aware that they are a participant in the crime. Read more about smuggling...

Search & Seizure Search & seizure laws impose a number of key requirements for law enforcement that prevent individuals' rights from being violated. In the case of suspicion of possession or other drug crimes, an officer may have just cause to search your property. In many cases, however, law enforcement oversteps its bounds and violates the rights of many. Read more about search & seizure...

Cocaine Charges Cocaine is a common drug that is used recreationally as well as abused by many individuals in Florida and throughout the United States. Although it is more popular than many other drugs, its use, distribution and manufacture is strictly prohibited by both state and federal law. The penalties associated with cocaine charges can vary widely depending on the specifics of the charge. Read more about cocaine charges...

Many criminal defense firms speak highly of their experience as former prosecutors or their specialties in specific areas of law. Clients often face challenges when searching for a lawyer they can trust, however, and this should be the highest priority for anyone who wants the best representation possible. At Seltzer Mayberg, LLC, we are focus not only on building top-level defense strategies on a client-by-client basis, but we also focus on making sure our clients have a clear understanding of the charges they face and the status of their case. Our attorneys work hard to provide those people facing criminal accusations with customized legal support, services and representation that have helped us to build a solid reputation throughout Miami, Florida and throughout the United States.

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