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Miami Cocaine Lawyer

Cocaine Charges and Penalties at Conviction

Cocaine is considered to be one of the most dangerous controlled substances in use throughout the United States today. Florida law enforcement is focused on identifying, arresting and charging any person who is in possession, involved in trafficking or importing cocaine , and the penalties imposed in a conviction reflect the degree of danger considered to be inherent in cocaine use.

The penalties for conviction are exceptionally severe. Cocaine possession, even a very small amount, can warrant prison sentences at a maximum of 5 years with fines not exceeding $5,000, while possession with intent to distribute can result in a much long term in state prison, and those with prior criminal records could expect to serve up to 30 years or longer in prison in some cases. Large-scale charges related to transportation, manufacturing, state trafficking or federal drug trafficking can result in decades behind bars as well as forfeiture of assets.

Achieving Success for Clients Facing Cocaine Charges in Miami

Seltzer Mayberg, LLC is a criminal defense law practice that has helped many clients throughout the Miami area including Fort Lauderdale and Broward County to successfully defend against and even beat cocaine charges. Throughout the years we have built a solid foundation for that success by establishing trust with our clients and focusing on developing a compelling defense strategy . There is no perfect case, and it is our job to identify the errors and flaws in the prosecution's case and make room for reasonable doubt, or to pursue any other advantage that could benefit your case. We are available to serve you 24/7, as we know that criminal charges involving cocaine could occur outside regular business hours, and you will need defense action to be taken immediately. Contact our firm prior to answering any questions by law enforcement.

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